What Is This Website?

This site is about how climate change is affecting Burlington, Vermont and the nearby region throughout the four seasons. It's a project of the Burlington Legacy Project and the University of Vermont's Field Naturalist Program.

Climate change sometimes seems like a global problem, but not a local one.

We often hear about melting ice caps, rising sea levels and threatened polar bears. But what does that mean for the area in and around Burlington, Vermont?

Why should we care?

Our hobbies, economy and cultural identity are closely tied to our local natural environment. We need snow for skiing, maple trees for syrup, and rain for gardens.

This web site looks at how some parts of our environment have changed. It also suggests what might be in store for the future.

How can we know what's coming?

Curious Chickadee

The chickadee is a local bird that you might see at your feeder.

Follow the chickadee through this site for a local perspective.

Though we can project a range of possibilities, we can't say exactly how climate change will affect Burlington. We can project global averages, but it's trickier to say might happen at the smaller scale.

In the same way, we can figure out the natural average for human height, but it's hard to predict how tall the next person you meet will be. The Burlington area has a unique character that's affected by elevation, storms and other factors.

It's a complicated puzzle, but scientists, bird watchers and many others are putting the pieces together. Explore this site to see what they've found.